Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 8.2008

Hi and welcome to Wednesday. Haven't posted in awhile-seems like its been busy lately. Not sure with what but busy none the less! Here's another picture from summer vacation. Jess was panning for gold. Too bad she didn't find any! Haven't taken any new pictures lately. Guess I will have to drag out the camera. Weekend was busy. Jessica had a birthday party to go to. I helped chaperon. The kids started with lunch at Wendy's, a make up party at the mall, and then to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua. After that is was cake and presents and home. It was a full day though. The movie was cute. Definitely watchable as an adult. You know how some of those kids movies can get. This one was cute. Sunday was spent cleaning up around the house. Jess had a friend sleep over. I went to sleep before they did. Just can't stay up like I used to. The kids were talking in bed till after midnight. It seems I told them they could play in the morning and they thought that 1201 qualified as morning! Lucky for me they fell asleep before they could get up to play. Oh well... speaking of sleep........

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