Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tea Garden

Oh the either love 'em or hate 'em! And your opinion definately changes as you get older! As I kid I can remember loving them-I could spin in circles endlessly it seemed. Today-not so much! Page created with Tea Garden by Viva Artistry. Photo courtesy of Life photo collection on google.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Heart of the Ocean

Still dreaming of summer and wishing I was off somewhere enjoying the warmth of a sunset cruise. Here I envision Ida Roth (yes thats her real name!) enjoying her trip aboard an elegant seafaring vessel. Love the lush, rich colors of Viva Artistry's Heart of the Ocean Kit which I used to create this page. Photo courtesy of the Florida Memory project archives.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rustic Christmas

Trying to get a step ahead-working on my Christmas card. Card Created with Rustic Christmas by CryztalRain

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Keep Calm

Summer is officially over-its cooler here in SW Florida-so its time to scrap some fall pictures. And nothing signifies fall like going back to school! Can't believe she's in 7th grade this year! Layout created with Boutique Cute Doll's Keep Calm kit.

Keep Calm

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sweet Friendship

Still scrapping some summer photos.  This ones for my version of Project life.  I decided this year to focus on 8x11 layouts of the events of the year.  I have gotten quiet a bit done.  Jumped around a bit but stayed pretty much on task.  I thought maybe I would print them at home but still like professional printing better.  I think its also cheaper.'s Jessica at summer camp.  She attended horse camp a few days each week and loved it.  She made some special friends there-both two and four legged!

The kit, I Feel Pretty, by Boutique Cute Doll can be found at After Five Designs.
I Feel Pretty

Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY Board Games

Blogging today about this new kit from Viva Artistry called DIY Board Games.  Perfect to scrap any of those family game nights or your own life story.  Instead I found  this fabulous photo of a couple playing an ancient game. Makes me wonder what game they were playing and the story around the outfits they are wearing. I found this photo on the library of congress photo site.  I just love vintage phots-everyone has a story to tell. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Its a Boy Thing

Well that last day of Digital Scrapbooking Day is upon us and to be honest just about done!  I had high hopes of showcasing one of my designers each day know what they say about the best laid plans.  It was a busy weekend-lots of cleaning.  Getting ready for a midweek trip to Chicago.  And before I know it Thanksgiving will be here.  I did get a chance to do a little DSD shopping-thanks to my sister and a birthday gift certificate!  Thanks Carol and Taylor-I really appreciate it and had so much fun adding to my stash!
Today I have a kit from Viva Artistry called Found Art-A boy thing.  I don't usually get to work with boy photos as you all know-my scrapping usually features a girl!  So this art journal page was a lot of fun.  Plus this vintage photo of a boy and his best pal is just too cute!

If you hurry you can still get it on sale at the Digichick! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Feel Free

Layout today is created with Feel Free by Boutique Cute Dolls which can now be found at After Five Designs.  The light heartedness of this kit was perfect for scrapping my tween Jess.  We were on summer vacation-far from land.  A fact she wasn't too happy about but manages to hide very well! 

Feel Free

Boutique Cute Dolls is debuting at After Five Designs and this and other kits are on sale-just in time for
Digital Scrap Booking day!  Did I mention that this is one of my favorite weekends of the year?  Too many fabulous designers and so little time-and money!  Don't forget to catch Kel's freebie-a mini kit called
lil bird!
Little Bird
Be back this weekend with news from some of the other fabulous designers I create for!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Letter to Hogwarts

Here my daughter is anxiously awaiting her letter to Hogwarts! Every young childs worst nightmare-their 11th birthday comes and thier mailbox is empty! Photo taken at Universal Studios. Page created with Deviant Scrap's CrytztalRains Halloween kit.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Inner Peace

Desperately trying to find inner peace and balance-Just not happening!  Seems like life is just so busy right now! 
Created this page with Viva Artistry's new kit Chakra!  Loved the softness of this kit. 

This kit can be found and the Digichick.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ruby Red with the Sparkly Slippers

Didn't get a chance to post this the other day.  This page is created with Viva Artistry's kit Return to Oz which is perfect for any of those Wizard of Oz inspired Halloween photos.  The character drawings are fabulous in this kit.  I just loved the images of the Cowardly lion and of course the ruby red slipper.  While trying to figure out what kind of a page I was going to create I came across this fabulous vintage photo from the Florida Memory Collection with this great story to tell. 

Of course you can see the kit in its entirety at Scrapmatters where the Vivas are guesting this month.
Return to Oz

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Free Spirit

  I love vintage photos.  Luckily there is a plethora of them on the web. Better yet when they are digital you can use them over and over and over again. Found another fabulous vintage photo-this one of two kids, a pony, and a quote by Helen Keller. Life is either a daring adventure of nothing. Ain't that the truth!  Created this art journal page with CryztalRains new kit Free Spirit. 

You can find this kit and all of CrytzalRains kits at Deviant Scrap.
Free Spirit

Don't forget to head over to CryztalRains blog to catch the blog freebie!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ain't that the Cats Meow!

This kit by Viva Artistry was released last week but I am just getting around to posting my layout.  A day late and a dollar short-seems to be the story of my life!  LOL  Anyway....I loved working with this kit.  I am not usually a cat lover but....I found this vintage photo of a girl and her kitty which I absolutely loved.  There is something about those vintage photos.....

Here's the preview:

Cat's Meow
Remember, Viva Artistry is guesting at Scrap Matters and this is where you can find the Cat's Meow!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Cherish Today

Cherishing the last days of summer and trying to scrap every last memory! This time with my favorite summertime photo and the kit Cherish this Moment by BCD-Boutique Cute Doll.  I've used this photo a number of time because I love it so!  Love my daughter and all of her cousins enjoying those lazy days of summer and trying to find the background that does it the most justice.  I think I may have found it this time!

I am guesting for a gal over at Scrapbookgraphics who goes by the name of Boutique Cute Doll.  I just love the fresh, pure girliness of a lot of her kits.  Her kits are vibrant and full of life! This one is no exception!

Cherish this moment

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Steampunk Creepy Gears

Scrapped some pictures from Harry Potterland this week.  Jessica just loves Harry Potter land.  In fact she keeps asking us when we are going back.   I wouldn't mind.  The creators did a fabulous job and I got some great photos.  I thought this kit from Viva Artistry added just the right about of magical creepiness.  What do you think? 

Of course all of Viva Artistry's kits can be found at the Digichick!  Here's a preview:

I just love those creepy mechanical bugs!  Check them out for yourselves!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All Hallows Eve 2

Back tonight with a follow up to my All Hallows Eve piece. This time CryztalRain has introduced a new, followup kit with even more Halloween yumminess.  I may even like this peice better!  I used a vintage photo from the Florida Archives-doesn't that gal just scream 1960!  Wonder where she is today!  Anyway you can find this and all of CryztalRain's fabulous kits at Deviant Scrap.  And what's more its on sale this week!

All Hallows Eve 2

Doncha just love those elements?  Everytime I look at the preview I see something else-like those fabulous crows!  I am thinking I just need to do a page with those!  What do you think?

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Well as I have been moaning and complaining about-summers over.  That means one of my favorite times of the year is just around the corner-Halloween.  And its not to early to be savoring Halloween and all its creepiness.  Played around this week with a kit By CryztalRain at Deviant Scrap title (what else but...) All Hallows Eve.  Plenty of Creepiness to go around as you can see by my page.

Doncha just love that owl and all of its Harry Potter finest!  I do.  CryztalRains ATC kit is perfect for all of those Halloween invititations.  I created this one for a friend of mine who's having a community party.  In case your wondering BYOP means Bring your own Pumpkin! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer fun!

Still lamenting the loss of summer!  This time with a page created from Viva Artistry's new kit DIY-tags, brushes, and alphas.  Now I am not one for alphas but I absolutely love these.  I think they look really neat mixed together.  And the brushes....Don't get me started!  Fabulous brush images! This page celebrates the love between Jess and her cousins.  Although they differ in age they seem to find commen ground whenever they are together.  I will never forget Jess spending time with the little ones at the Lake.  She told me that the secret to being a good big cousin is to let the little ones do what they want and tell them how wonderful they are while they are doing it!  Jess spent hours coloring with the girls and setting up the Wii for them.  In return the little gremlins liked to wake Jess up early and tell her she was their favorite cousin!  Summer fun we will never forget!

Anyway you can find DIY-tags, alphas, and brushes by Viva Artistry at the Digichick!  I can't wait until Christmas-I plan on making my own tags with this kit!  Well...on second thought maybe I can wait-It will give me more time to finish the tags!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time Flies

Time Flies now doesn't it!  I can't believe that Jess is back in school, has turned 12, and that summer is over!  Celebrating the last days of summer scrapping photos of our vacation in New Hampshire.  Here Jess is with her cousins lazily (is that a word!) swinging on the hammock.  They had a blast posing for these photos.  But alas all good things must come to an end and summer is slowly fading into autumn.  I always loved fall back home and enjoy it down here in Florida as well.  It means that the days will finally be getting a little cooler.  You have to look a bit harder to see the color changing in the leaves but its coming.  I can feel it in the air!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Los Muertos by Sarah Barber Designs at Digiridoo Scraps

Today I am showcasing a layout I made with Los Muertos by Sarah  Barber Designs at Digiridoo Scraps.  I found the photo on Flickr and is the work of urbans shutterbug.  Gorgeous photo and perfect for this kit.  I know its a little bit early for the Day of the Dead Celebration but I couldn't resist.  Whats more the kit is still on sale at Digiridoo Scraps!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Pixies Playground

Back today with a Pixies Playground by CryztalRain over at Deviant Scrap.  At first I didn't think I was going to work with this kit.  I am not the best at fantasy design.  LOL  But then I decided to take MissBehaving's Fantasy workshop over at Deviant Scrap.  And let me tell you I had to have this kit to play with.  Loving those fantasy backgrounds and awesome little creatures.  With MissB's workshop I learned how to take two of the backgrounds and combine them to make my very own custom background.  I broke out the old Photoshop which I have had for how long now and still can't use and was actually able to do it.  Of course what took me forever to do took Jess just minutes.  She actually worked on this layout as well to create her own custom storybook scene!  I highly recommend MissB's Workshop and if you take the workshop you get the kit from CryztalRain included.  How awesome is that!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Butterfly clusterz 2 by CryztalRain ad Deviant Scrap

Back today with my layout titled Enjoy life using Cryztal Rain's beautiful Butterfly Clusterz 2.  Tried to combine my city roots-I grew up in Sprinfield, Mass with my love of my new home here in Florida-notice the palm tree?  Used the butterfly to hopefully tie it all together.  Butterflies have always symbolized growth to me and I just love thes butterflies by CryztalRain Designs. You can find all of CryztalRain's Kits at Deviant Scrap.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Flora Finery by SherrieJD at Deviant Scrap

Oh....I have been highly negligent in my blogging duties.  Tonight I am here with a new kit by SherrieJD and Tangie Baxter called Flora Finery.  Flora Finery is the NEWEST addition to "sprout" in the {Ultimate Art Doll} collections! There are an amazing 175+ pieces of garden and aviary art doll fodder! All made to work perfectly with the other collections in the series!  If you haven't discovered art dolls yet you are in for a treat.  Remember all those times you spend as a child dressing your paper dolls?  Folding all those tabs?  Well, forget the tabs-with art dolls you can create your own doll and dress her the way you want.  Combine torsos, limbs, tails (yes, I said tails)....the possibilities are endless.  Here's my page:

I ued a premade dolly-instead choosing to dress her up with the additition of some feathers and greenery. A gal can always use a few more feathers! 

As I mentioned earlier my poor blog has been neglected.  I have lots of photos to show you that I hopefully will get to in the next few days.  Jess finished horse camp and started school-and of course I have photos of it all.  And she celebrated her 12th Birthday.  We've been busy!  I soon!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ankh by Crystal Rain at Deviant Scrap

Blogging's been a little off this month.  Have to blame it on the summer season.  Everything is kind of out of sync.  Jess is getting ready to go back to school on Monday and between getting her ready for that and the final days of horse camp well...I just don't know where the time goes!  But CryztalRain over at Deviant Scrap had been busy.  She released two new kits this week-Ankh and Ankh ATC add on.  Both are Egyptian themed and fabulous.  Great for scrapping all those Egyptian photos, camel rides, or art journaling.
Here's what I created:

When I saw this I couldn't get that Bengles song out of my head-You know the one-Walk like an Egyptian!  Or am I dating myself.  Anyway...... While I was working on this the girls-Jess and Sofia- decided they wanted in too.  Something about the exotic Egyptian theme really  appealed to both of them.  Here's their pages.

Jess's page is the one with the photos.  Sofia's creation features that awesome snake.  They both did a great job! And now I can't stop singing.....Walk like an nananaa......

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Katmandu Love by Viva Artistry at the Digichick

Brand new kit out by Viva Artistry today.  Its called Katmandu love and is a charity kit to benefit the lost children of Nepal and Tibet.  All proceeds benefit SEWA an organization whose volunteers bring assistance to the children of Nepal.  One of its volunteers is a neighbor of one of the Vivas and she was so impressed with his work that they created this charity kit.  Here's my page:

But you really have to check this one out:

This one was done by Anne of the Alamo.  You can read about her page here:
An absolutely stunning page!  Stop by and give Anne some love.  The kit by Viva Artistry looks like this:

Remember you can find Katmandu Love, here at the Digichick:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Art Therapy by CryztalRain At Deviant Scrap

New kit out by CryztalRain over at Deviant Scrap.  Its called Art Therapy.  Gotta love those hot, vibrant oranges-I do anyway!  Plus that Clown stamp image is to die for.  I just knew I had to use it in my layout.  Found this gorgeous vintage clown on the Library of Congress' Digital Website.'s my layout:

Gotta love the Jim Morrison quote as well.  Anyway, Kit, alpha, and word art can be found at Scrap Deviant. Here's some previews:
Art Therapy

Preview 2 600
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Run, don't walk and get it while you can!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kallah By Viva Artistry

Back from vacation and finally getting back into the groove.  Have lots of photos to share from my trip by today I wanted to show you my latest Viva Artistry layout.  I didn't get a chance to post this before we left and my internet connection on vacation was spotty at best.  But I created this with their kit called Kallah.  It is a beautiful mixture of white on white tones perfect for any wedding photos that you may need to scrap.  I found this gorgeous non-traditional bride for my layout.

As always kits by Viva Artistry can be found at the Digichick!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wishing on a Starfish!

Celebrating the release of CryztalRain's Life's a Beach add on.  I only wish we were having beach like weather her in Sunny (or should I say not so sunny) southwest Florida.  We haven't seen much of the sun.  That's why I am dreaming of sunshine and Wishing on a Starfish!

This is a a more traditional page for me.  Which just goes to prove how versatile this kit.  I am looking forward to using it for my summer vacation photos also.
Life's A Beach AddOn

Preview 2 600

Since not all is shown in the preview be sure to head over to Deviant Scrap at
to see all the pages created by the CT and detailed previews.