Sunday, March 27, 2011

Working in my art journal again today.  Created this layout for a challenge at Digridoo Scraps using Nala by Sarah Barber Designs.  Kit is currently on sale at 60% off.  I love a good sale!  The art journaling prompt for March was observations of everyday life.  I took a few photos of some of the "stuff" that defines me.  Seems kind of strange seeing my junk in such a way!  If you look closely you will see my creative muse.  I wanted to give her a name but Jess disagrees.  She thinks she should be our nameless statue.  I was thinking.....Cleo, maybe.  Anyway I am really liking her hat.  I wish I could pull off wearing a hat!  You will also see my coastal collection-the wine bottle we discovered diving in Curacao, another crusty bottle we found in Rhode Island, Mike holding the bug he caught crawling on the ocean floor, sand dollars we found, and of course the lobster claws.  All memories of our diving days!  And don't forget the snippets of my messy desk with my laptop showing Jess and my current addiction-digital scrapbooking!

Well it is late Satuday or should I say early Sunday.  Depends on your point of view.  I am not sure where the day went.  The kids are watching a movie-not sure where they get the energy.  We spent the day with Mikes cousin Billy and his wife.  The bought a new house in Cape coral-right of the river.  Nice house with a gorgeous view.  The girls broke in his pool and even did a little fishing off the dock.  Later we went to Kumo for dinner.  The photo I have for you tonight is of my neices-Taylor, Ella, and Neve fooling around at Grandmas.  Just goes to prove you are never too old to giggle!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Blinkie!

Being on a creative team means getting a cool new blinkie.  And this time I actually figured out how to make it blink!  Loving the retro feel to this one and those cool vintage photos.  I have always been a sucker for vintage photos. 
Took Jess to the Doctors today.  That was a whole day affair.  I am glad that she had the day off.  She needed three shots and some bloodwork drawn.  She has had some issues with some thinning hair lately and the doc wants to make sure it isn't thyroid related.  We think it is related to the flu that she had in November.  She had a high fever with the flu and supposedly that can interupt the cycle of hair growth.  Who knew.  Anyway the day was spent.  After it was all done we went to lunch at Crispers.  She just loves that place-claims they have the best chicken noodle soup.  And she should know since that is one of her favorites. 
Tonight I will be sharing another page from my Everyday life journal.  And don't forget Citrus Love, the new kit from Sarah Barber Design is still on sale.  Be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Citrus Love by Sarah Barber Design

Sarah Barber Design Citrus Love Kit has been released!  Her kits can be found at Digiridoo Scraps and right now this kit is on sale for 20% off till the end of the week (March 27th).  Just in time for summer projects with its bright, warm, orange tones.  Of course living here in SW Florida we can use it all year round!  Here is my first project:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm so Excited!

I am excited to announce that I will be joining the Creative Team of Sarah Barber Designs.  As you all know
I love photography and anything to do with digital design.  I am excited to have this opportunity to flex my creative wings.  So look for my designs with her amazing products. 
This year I have rejoined the Art Journal Caravan with Tangie Baxter and Scrapbookgraphics.  I am currently working on catching up with some of the prompts.  Story of my life-I always seem to be behind!
I also joined SherrieJD's mixed media workshop.  I have had fun with this class as well.  Especially since it forces me to leave the digital behind and work with paper, pens, paint, and collage.  Messy but fun.
Sharing with you today the first page of my newest project this year.  In a desperate attempt to stay current with my scrapbooking activities I have started my own version of Project life.  I am calling mine Everyday life.  I plan on creating 8.5x11 layouts of our everyday events and activities-no matter how minor.  This way I can get them off of my computer and print them at home.  I plan on inserting them into a binder type scrapbook-mixing layouts with the bits and pieces of everyday life.  Here is my title page.  I all ready have January completed so look for those in the next few day.
And of course everyone wants to hear how Jessica is doing!  Friday was parent teacher conferences and report cards.  She got straight A's-again!  We are very proud of the work she has been doing this year.  Next week she is on vacation.  I am working so we don't have a lot planned.  She is trying to figure out how to get out of Sports Club!  Good luck with that!