Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sirens Song!

Another mermaid page in the art journal.  Did I tell you that  I love mermaids?  Only about a hundred times all ready!  This mermaid comes from Viva Artistry's new kit The Sirens Song available at the Digichick. 

If you listen closely you just might hear her sing her song of summer!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet Casey the Mermaid

Meet Casey the Mermaid!  She was created with CryztalRain's new Life's a Beach ATC kit.  And I just love her.  Well I love all mermaid images.  This one I imagine has just finished working in some nameless California town.  She's taken her tail off ready the enjoy her time off relaxing-at the beach, of course! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Life's A Beach!

New Release today from CryztalRain at Deviant Scrap.  Its called Life's a Beach!  Ain't that the truth!  Living so close to the coast this is the perfect kit for me.  Plus its just in time for summer and on sale now.  Not only is there a full kit but there are Water papers and an awesome ATC kit. 

For this kit I used one of Cryztal Rains beautiful papers for the background.  I used a mask on one of my favorite North shore vintage photos and blended the photo into the background.  The elements are all from Life's a Beach kit by CryztalRain including those fabulous flip flops.  Flip flops just say SUMMER to me!

Life's a beach

Preview 2 600

Preview 3 600

Preview 4 600

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday at last

Well, all I gotta say is its Friday!  And I am thankful.  Didn't get much done this evening.  Downloaded some new kits.  Got some stuff to work on for CrystalRain over at Deviant Scrap and Sarah Barber Designs is back with some new stuff.  I am excited to start working on both of those.  The Viva Gals over at Viva Artistry were quiet this week-means they must have something good brewing!  Other than dreaming of digital designs Jess, Mike and I watched I am Number Four.  I thought it was pretty good.  Half way through I had to walk the dog-he just wasn't that interested in Number Four and wouldn't stop whining.  I guess I would be whinning if I was locked in the house all day!  But than again, it might beat working for a living!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Lots of awesomeness today!  I started the day a little tired.  Late night last night. But the show was great!  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Of course it helps to be a Deadliest Catch fan.  The show was informal.  Jonathon, Andy, and Sig were being interviewed on stage-kind of like with Mike Rowe and After the Catch.  They talked about life, family, fishing, Phil, just about anything.  All accompanied with a drink and a cigarrette-just like on the show!  Andy sang a couple of songs, they nabbed a couple of gals from the audience to try on the survival suits in 60 seconds or less, and answered audience questions.  I nabbed a few pictures-of course! Now I haven't cleaned these up yet-so these are straight from the camera!

After the show we were able to meet and great!  The guys were very gracious.  Remember that Fathers day card from a previous post-well we were able to get Jonathon and Andy to sign it.  I was surprised but the fishermen really loved it.  Not only did they sign their names but they addressed it to the Best darn crew member they ever had.  I can't say awesome enough!  Here they are signing Mikes card:

We were lucky to get pictures of the girls with the guys!  Thanks Judy!

Mike and Jess had the day off.  They got a bunch of stuff done around the house.  And I had another surprise waiting for me.  I recieved a GSO-thats short for Gallery Standout for my A Boy and A Fish layout
which uses CrystalRain's awesome new Grassy brushes and images pack at Deviant Scrap.  My GSO can be found here:  Check out the entry for June 22nd.
CrystalRains's awesome brushes can be found here: Thats all I have for today!  Hope your day was simply AWESOME!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Off to see the Fishermen!

Can't wait.  Tonight we are off to see the fishermen from the Deadliest Catch.  Sig and Jonathon and Andy Hillstrand are coming to Barbara B Mann tonight.  We have back stage passes for a meet and greet as well.  Jess and I surprised Mike for Fathers Day.  It is the one show that all of us watch.  Actually we record it on the DVR and watch it the next day at a more reasonable time!  Anyway here's a peak at Mikes Fathers Day card:

Bet you can't you guess which one of those guys has never been on a crab boat before? 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grassy Brush and Image Pack

Back again with another brush pack.  This one contains grasses.  Like I said yesterday brushes are fun to play with.  Here's my page using CrystalRains Grassy Brush and Image pack.  I love the sentiment in this quote.  Sometimes it just is....what it is.  Nothin more!

Check it out at Deviant Scrap!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Trees Image and Brushes Pack

New release from CryztalRain from Deviant Scrap-I just love that name!  She has a new pack of Tree images and Brushes.  Now if you haven't worked with brushes or images before you don't know what your missing!  These packs come with brushes for all you photoshop users and images for those of us who are not!  I happen to use Storybook Creator from Creative Memories (no I am not a consultant!) and love working with images.  I love that you can resize, recolor, blend, or play with the opacity to create a custom look.  The possiblities are endless.  Don't by shy, give it a try!  Here is my layout. 

And here is the trees image pack. Image linked for your shopping pleasure!

Trees - Brush and Image Pack


Don't you just love all those trees!  By the way if you are wondering where the chick came from she is also a CryztalRain creation and come from her Paper Dollz kit. Brings me back to the day of spending the summer playing.  Am I dating myself?  Probably!

Paper Dollz

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gidgets at the Beach!

As promised....Viva Artistry at the Digichick's new kit-Gidget's Beach!  This one is with  vintage surf theme.  Remember Gidget and Moondoogie?  Perfect for summertime memories.  Plus its part of the Chick Fix-lots of kits centereing around one swatch.  And best of all, on Sale!  Grab it while you can.  Image is linked for your shopping pleasure.

My Page

Loved this vintage photo.  Its not REALLY a photo of Whitley Bay.  Instead its a photo of my old stomping grounds in Rockport, Mass-brings me back to the day! And I do love the chick with the starfish!  Anyway enjoy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Been away for a bit.  Haven't had any real news to report or I should say pictures to share.  Most of my end of the school year photos are still on my camera!  But the school year has ended and summer camp has officially begun.  Jessica's report card came today-All A's.  But than we knew that-she received the presidents academic award for having the third highest grade point average in her class.  We are so proud of her!  She worked really hard and it showed.  Especially having to transition to middle school and a new level of Independence.  She deserves a few months off.  This summer she will be attending the Horse of your own program at Providence Equestrian Center.  By commiting to the entire summer we recieve a discount and she gets paired with a horse.  They have been riding a lot and she has been sore.  They ride in the morning traditionally (with a saddle) and in the afternoon bareback.  It all sounds difficult to me.  I am definatley not a horse person.  I can remember in girl scouts we went horse back riding.  All my horse wanted to do was dive into the bushes and munch on the foilage.  Guess he knew who didn't have the upper hand.  Anyway....she is enjoying it and I am enjoying seeing her actually doing something she likes.  I will leave you with a snapshot of the screen saver she put together for her computer one evening.  She figured out how to do everything herself and even how to transfer it to her computer.  If you look closely you will see cousin Sofia, Simon, and a rat or two!

Be back tomorrow with a great new release by Viva Artistry!  I absolutely love this kit and can't wait
to share!  Be sure to stop by over the weekend for a sneak peak at Mikes Father's day card-photoshop at its best!  Enjoy your Friday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

On My Desk by Viva Artistry

Well....Not really on my desk.  My desk would actually be scary!  On my desk is the new kit by Viva Artistry at the Digichick.  A wonderful collaboration with Danyale it contains many new and vintage items that may be guessed it....on my (or your) desk! Images are linked for your shopping pleasure.  Here's a preview:

Don't forget the gorgeous papers!

The bundle includes an alpha and some gorgeous masks.  Buy the bundle and save!

And don't forget my page!

Meet my friend the Giver and his trusty spaniel.  They've spend the afternoon crawling around the woods collecting specimens which they have strewn around the desk. The giver has his magnifying glass ready to closely examine the goodies he has collected! 
Journaling reads: " I still find myself walking away before I have what a need.  I turn around and walked back...sometimes two or three times, as If I can't decide whether to stay or leave.  I will sit down more often and yield to the giver....and when I return to my desk I will have what I want to give."  A quote that can be attributed to Jan Denise. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Generations by Viva Artistry

Just wanted to let you know that Viva Artistry at the Digichick released a new kit today-perfect for all those heritage photos.  It was also perfect for an art journal page I created.  My family came to visit this spring-all of them, including my brother and sister, and I realize that I didn't have any photos of all of us.  So I created this family tree to celebrate our heritage and the special bond we share.  The page didn't turn out quiet like I wanted it too so I kept affectionately calling it My family tree's a whomping willow!  Isn't every bodies!  I really want to create some gorgeous clusters with all of those beautiful elements but ended up with an Art Journal page.  Oh well.....

 Remember my page is linked to the Digichick for your shopping pleasure. Here are some kit previews as well!