Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All Hallows Eve

Well as I have been moaning and complaining about-summers over.  That means one of my favorite times of the year is just around the corner-Halloween.  And its not to early to be savoring Halloween and all its creepiness.  Played around this week with a kit By CryztalRain at Deviant Scrap title (what else but...) All Hallows Eve.  Plenty of Creepiness to go around as you can see by my page.

Doncha just love that owl and all of its Harry Potter finest!  I do.  CryztalRains ATC kit is perfect for all of those Halloween invititations.  I created this one for a friend of mine who's having a community party.  In case your wondering BYOP means Bring your own Pumpkin! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer fun!

Still lamenting the loss of summer!  This time with a page created from Viva Artistry's new kit DIY-tags, brushes, and alphas.  Now I am not one for alphas but I absolutely love these.  I think they look really neat mixed together.  And the brushes....Don't get me started!  Fabulous brush images! This page celebrates the love between Jess and her cousins.  Although they differ in age they seem to find commen ground whenever they are together.  I will never forget Jess spending time with the little ones at the Lake.  She told me that the secret to being a good big cousin is to let the little ones do what they want and tell them how wonderful they are while they are doing it!  Jess spent hours coloring with the girls and setting up the Wii for them.  In return the little gremlins liked to wake Jess up early and tell her she was their favorite cousin!  Summer fun we will never forget!

Anyway you can find DIY-tags, alphas, and brushes by Viva Artistry at the Digichick!  I can't wait until Christmas-I plan on making my own tags with this kit!  Well...on second thought maybe I can wait-It will give me more time to finish the tags!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Time Flies

Time Flies now doesn't it!  I can't believe that Jess is back in school, has turned 12, and that summer is over!  Celebrating the last days of summer scrapping photos of our vacation in New Hampshire.  Here Jess is with her cousins lazily (is that a word!) swinging on the hammock.  They had a blast posing for these photos.  But alas all good things must come to an end and summer is slowly fading into autumn.  I always loved fall back home and enjoy it down here in Florida as well.  It means that the days will finally be getting a little cooler.  You have to look a bit harder to see the color changing in the leaves but its coming.  I can feel it in the air!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Los Muertos by Sarah Barber Designs at Digiridoo Scraps

Today I am showcasing a layout I made with Los Muertos by Sarah  Barber Designs at Digiridoo Scraps.  I found the photo on Flickr and is the work of urbans shutterbug.  Gorgeous photo and perfect for this kit.  I know its a little bit early for the Day of the Dead Celebration but I couldn't resist.  Whats more the kit is still on sale at Digiridoo Scraps!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Pixies Playground

Back today with a Pixies Playground by CryztalRain over at Deviant Scrap.  At first I didn't think I was going to work with this kit.  I am not the best at fantasy design.  LOL  But then I decided to take MissBehaving's Fantasy workshop over at Deviant Scrap.  And let me tell you I had to have this kit to play with.  Loving those fantasy backgrounds and awesome little creatures.  With MissB's workshop I learned how to take two of the backgrounds and combine them to make my very own custom background.  I broke out the old Photoshop which I have had for how long now and still can't use and was actually able to do it.  Of course what took me forever to do took Jess just minutes.  She actually worked on this layout as well to create her own custom storybook scene!  I highly recommend MissB's Workshop and if you take the workshop you get the kit from CryztalRain included.  How awesome is that!