Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday, August 23

It is getting late so I thought I would just check in with everyone. Nothing much going on today. Jess had a friend over. They played horses all day. Meanwhile I cleaned house. Yuck. But the place looks nice and now maybe we can do something tomorrow. That is if it decides to stop raining. You guessed it. It is still raining. Not steady but enough to keep you from doing anything outside. And talk about humid. Not sure that all this rain is good for the new palms that Mike planted last week. If we could just get a little sunshine. Maybe tomorrow. Jess and I worked on a school project. Can you believe she has only been in school three days and they have a poster project due on Monday. She picked the geography of Florida. I am not sure what she is supposed to do but we will give it a try. We went through some travel brochures and cut pictures out of the Everglades, dolphins, the river or grass, beaches, etc. We are going to layer everything over a map of the state and write a blurb about the different areas of Florida and call it a day. I also got my hair cut. Or should I say all of them cut. I know, stupid joke. On that note I am going to sleep. Must of been all that housework tiring me out. I knew housework wasn't good for you!

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