Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday, August 31,2008

Well the baseball game was a washout. Judy and Sofia came over early. When it was time to leave for the game it was pouring out. They do not call the game until its actual start time but it was raining. We all piled into the car and headed over and it continued to rain. We could not imagine sitting in the stands as the rains poured down over our heads so we decided to head back home. We ordered pizza and played the Wii. Talk about fun. It is the first video game that even adults can play. Judy and Sofia gave Jess a new sport game for her birthday so they were all figure skating. The kids make it look so easy. And they do a whole lot better than us adults do. It is comical.
I added a picture of Jess feeding the giraffes at Busch Gardens. For her birthday Jess decided that instead of having a family party she wanted to go to Busch Gardens for the day. As a special treat we added on this behind the scenes tour of the Serengeti with giraffe feeding. This was well worth the additional fee. They boarded us up on open back trucks and drove us out to the fields among the animals. They carry romaine lettuce heads on board and when the giraffes see the truck they know they can come over for a treat. Not all the giraffes will partake of the treats. Some never come at all. But those that do get rewarded. After the lettuce was gone they drove us around to see the other animals. All the animals are really close to the truck. The guide gives a talk about the animal which seemed more personal. Like with the Zebras she gave us the name of the Zebra (there are many different kinds of zebra which I did not know) and then told us which ones were nice and which ones weren't. Most Zebras aren't too nice. They spend a lot of time fighting over a spot in the Zebra hierarchy. Certainly not like the Zebra you see on Stripes. Anyway..end result is I would recommend doing this next time you are at Busch Gardens.
Jess is having a friend from school over today. She is all excited and can't wait. This whole weekend has been a kids weekend! Oh to be young again!`

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