Friday, August 22, 2008

TGIF Friday, August 22nd

Well, it is Friday at last. This has been such a strange week. Having the day off on Tuesday-Tropical Tuesday as we have been calling it-has made everyone cranky and out of sorts. The rain hasn't helped either. We have gotten a lot of it. I am glad that we are not in the upper half of the state and really shouldn't complain as they have really gotten a lot of rain! I thought I would take a minute and introduce a few of Jess's new friends. She finally got her rats. The little white one is named Ruby and the brown ones name is Amber. She loves them. She has had them for almost three weeks now and the novelty has not worn off. She takes them out everyday to socializes-as you can see we use the bathtub because it is easier to keep track of them and they can't climb up the slippery bathroom walls. The really aren't bad pets. They are clean and we almost have them litter pan trained. They really seem to like her and will actually curl up on her shoulder while she pats them. So far they have been a good choice. The tails are a little hard to get used to though. We keep them in a cage in her closet and so far Simon has yet to figure out they are here. So much for the fearsome terrier. He can't figure out why he gets locked out of the room during socialization time. I still wouldn't trust him and I have no plans to introduce him to them. Better to leave well enough alone!

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