Thursday, September 4, 2008

September 4, 2008

Haven't posted in a few days. Wanted to upload the perfect end of summer picture. Not sure this is it but..... Butterflies always remind me of summer and Labor Day always reminds me of the end of summer. Since I don't have an end of summer picture this one will have to do.
We had a Labor Day Barbecue on Monday. Mikes brother and sisters and parents came by. Shannon was a great helper as she did all the cooking. She tended the grill-with only minimal input from Mike. Her chicken was awesome and Jess thinks that she makes the best hot dogs. While she was cooking the adults were playing the Wii. Marci beat everyone in archery. While Nana beat everyone in bowling. Once again we had to wrestle the Wii controls from the kids. Talk about a game that everyone enjoys.
And then it was back to work on Tuesday. This week has been slow at work which makes the days seem really long. Plus it is really, really, really hot and humid out still. I am looking forward to the end of summer and cooler October weather!

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