Saturday, April 2, 2011

Some of you may have noticed I have another cool new blinkie!  I have been chosen to be on the Creative Team of Viva Artistry.  I am beyond excited!  I absolutely love their style and am looking forward to playing with thier designs.  I am so excited I can barely contain myself.  I wanted to play today but ......
It was such a nice day out that Mike was getting a little antsy and needed to get out for a few hours.  We ended up driving to the farmers market in Immokalee.  He just loves that place.  Not sure if it the vegetables he likes or the thrill of the bargain.  Today we got yellow squash, corn, and tomatoes.  The tomatoes were the best.  Kind of like I remember them from when Mike and I used to grow them up North.  Nice and red and juicy.  I am going to make some candied tomatoes (A la Susan Sommers) and some pico de gallo tomorrow.  Tonight we just enjoyed them plain with a little bit of mayo.  After the farmers market we decided to go to a uPick citrus place.  It was way out there in Estero.  The sign kept saying 5 miles than it was 5 more miles.  All on shell/sand road.  I never thougtht we would find our way back.  In fact when we pulled into the drive we almost turned around.  I thought we had entered another time zone.  It was fun and the place was colorful.  They gave us a big bucket and a large hook.  You need the hook to pull the oranges off the tree.  When they drop to the ground you pick them up and put them in your bucket. 

The oranges we picked were Valencia's.  They gave us a sample before we started picking to make sure we liked them.

As you can see we liked them alot and proceeded to pick an entire bucket full.  Mike and I really didn't have the proper footwear on.  There was lots of ant piles so we had to be careful.  Luckily Jess wore sneakers and none of us got bit.  Not to worry though-they had ammonia available in case we did.  I will have to remember that one! 

My little animal lover Jess met a friend while she was at the orchard.  His name is Bob.  Won't Simon be mad!  If you need any fruit or vegetables be sure to stop buy-We have plenty!

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