Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day!

Wanted to take a momment to wish all of the Mother's out there a Happy Mother's Day! Including all of those who have nutured or guided a child in your lifetime! You will never know the impact that you have made.  Enjoy your day-hopefully with the ones you love!
Yesterday was my father-in-laws 80th birthday.  We celebrated his bday and mothers day together with a family barbecue.  Mike cooked hamburgers, hotdogs and brats on the grill, we smoked some chicken, Judy made sliders, and Bootie brought the cake.  Oh, and don't forget Joe with the champagne.  Can't have a toast without champagne!  We also found and rescued a dog.  Poor thing was visiting family and escaped.  Her tag was really hard to read and we had to guess at the numbers.  Luckily after several attempts we found her owner-they came right over to get her as they had been searching the neighborhood for her.  Poor Simon didn't even know that there was a strange dog in our garage. We even made time to place a few bets on the Kentucky Derby.  Judy was the big winner with the rest of us being LOSERS!  I should of had more confidence in Animal Kingdom-they have certainly taken enough of my money over the years I could of actually gotten some back! Can you believe-all that in one day!
And not only is it Mothers day but iNSD!  That stands for international scrapbook day. One of my favorite days of the year.  It usually means shopping and sales. Alot of the designers and shops are having sales.  Viva Artistry at the Digichick is no exception.  Plus if you stop by thier blog at you can pick up a coupon for an additional 10% off.  To make it even easier I have copied the coupon code below.


exp. 5-10

only at the DigiChicks

This is one of my favorite kits-Vogue.  Love that black and red and best of all it's on sale too!
And finally I will leave you with a  page or two.  I scrapped these after a trip to the Greek festival with my two favorite girls.

Enjoy your Mothers Day!

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