Thursday, May 26, 2011


Its late Thursday and I am getting ready to pack it in.  Stayed up too late last night watching Idol.  It was worth it.  Can't say I was surprised at the ending.  But the show was fabulous.  Worth every minute of the sleepiness I felt today.  Going through my pages trying to see what I haven't shown you yet.

Looks like it going to be the pizza ovens!  These photos were taken while Jess and Sofia practiced making pizza ovens for Girl scout camp.  Aunt Judy wanted to make sure that the girls could do the project so Sofia and Jess took it for a dry run.  The project was doable but....when they were placed out in the sun the sticks kept popping, closing the covers and....our pizzas were raw!  Yuck.  They looked really gross.  Now I am not sure that you are supposed to leave them while you go to the Greek Festival and eat grape leaves while shouting OPA!  But they were pretty much inedible.  The next day we recycled them and used them to cook Nachos.  Much Better!  In fact the girls finished the first batch and wanted another.  Guess if you leave cheese in the sun it will melt!  On that note......

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