Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Not much going on today.   I am taking a photo editing class.  Trying to learn how to use my new Photoshop program.  Everytime I open it I get intimidated and run back to my Creative Memories Storybook Creator program.  Now don't get my wrong...I love Storybook Creator but.....there are a few things I can't do with it.  Mainly edit photos.  It is a great program to design with but I can't use it to manipulate photos like I want to.  It won't let you run actions or add any of that really cool bookuh!  If thats even how you spell it.  You all know from my previous post that I can't spell!  Anyway I am taking a class by Elisha Snow on editing photos in photoshop and I must say that I learned a lot on the very first lesson.  She taught us how to warm our photos up-lightening and brightening them.  What a difference.  At first I wasn't sure because I am so used to seeing my photos with a blue grey tinge.  Now I know how they get all of that fantastic color!  A little bit of photoshop.  Here is my first attempt.  Now I realize that I am going to have to go back and fix all of my journal pages for the year!

And here's another.

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