Thursday, June 16, 2011

Been away for a bit.  Haven't had any real news to report or I should say pictures to share.  Most of my end of the school year photos are still on my camera!  But the school year has ended and summer camp has officially begun.  Jessica's report card came today-All A's.  But than we knew that-she received the presidents academic award for having the third highest grade point average in her class.  We are so proud of her!  She worked really hard and it showed.  Especially having to transition to middle school and a new level of Independence.  She deserves a few months off.  This summer she will be attending the Horse of your own program at Providence Equestrian Center.  By commiting to the entire summer we recieve a discount and she gets paired with a horse.  They have been riding a lot and she has been sore.  They ride in the morning traditionally (with a saddle) and in the afternoon bareback.  It all sounds difficult to me.  I am definatley not a horse person.  I can remember in girl scouts we went horse back riding.  All my horse wanted to do was dive into the bushes and munch on the foilage.  Guess he knew who didn't have the upper hand.  Anyway....she is enjoying it and I am enjoying seeing her actually doing something she likes.  I will leave you with a snapshot of the screen saver she put together for her computer one evening.  She figured out how to do everything herself and even how to transfer it to her computer.  If you look closely you will see cousin Sofia, Simon, and a rat or two!

Be back tomorrow with a great new release by Viva Artistry!  I absolutely love this kit and can't wait
to share!  Be sure to stop by over the weekend for a sneak peak at Mikes Father's day card-photoshop at its best!  Enjoy your Friday!

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