Thursday, June 23, 2011


Lots of awesomeness today!  I started the day a little tired.  Late night last night. But the show was great!  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Of course it helps to be a Deadliest Catch fan.  The show was informal.  Jonathon, Andy, and Sig were being interviewed on stage-kind of like with Mike Rowe and After the Catch.  They talked about life, family, fishing, Phil, just about anything.  All accompanied with a drink and a cigarrette-just like on the show!  Andy sang a couple of songs, they nabbed a couple of gals from the audience to try on the survival suits in 60 seconds or less, and answered audience questions.  I nabbed a few pictures-of course! Now I haven't cleaned these up yet-so these are straight from the camera!

After the show we were able to meet and great!  The guys were very gracious.  Remember that Fathers day card from a previous post-well we were able to get Jonathon and Andy to sign it.  I was surprised but the fishermen really loved it.  Not only did they sign their names but they addressed it to the Best darn crew member they ever had.  I can't say awesome enough!  Here they are signing Mikes card:

We were lucky to get pictures of the girls with the guys!  Thanks Judy!

Mike and Jess had the day off.  They got a bunch of stuff done around the house.  And I had another surprise waiting for me.  I recieved a GSO-thats short for Gallery Standout for my A Boy and A Fish layout
which uses CrystalRain's awesome new Grassy brushes and images pack at Deviant Scrap.  My GSO can be found here:  Check out the entry for June 22nd.
CrystalRains's awesome brushes can be found here: Thats all I have for today!  Hope your day was simply AWESOME!

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